At a glance: the coolest inserts for your heels

It’s al about heels isn’t it? Well, at Heels’R Us we not only sell stuff, we all use it. Everyday. Our Shoe Essential Inserts We have thought and shaped and tested for weeks to come up with a total new shape & the latest material for our new inserts & anti skid pads. It’s for all […]

Here is the secret our stars use every day while wearing high heels

High Heels are never not testing our threshold for pain, which is why we’ll never understand how stars wear 3-inch (or higher!) stilettos day in, day out—no matter what the circumstances. In honor of their dedication, we’re looking back at every time a celeb has done something wondrous in heels. They use it on a […]

Foot Stretches to Counteract High Heels

Michelle Rodriguez kicked off her career as a professional ballerina and scholarship student at The School of America Ballet, before throwing over her pointe shoes for the physical therapy program at Rutgers. But she hasn’t gone far from the world of flexibility, mobility, alignment, and performance. For more than a decade, she’s been rehabilitating professional […]

How to survive all night in heels

Party season means countless occasions on which to wear all those sparkly, impractical, towering heels. Safeguard your look (and your feet) with these expert tips and products, like where to get the best inserts, for getting through the night without winding up as the barefoot girl on the dance floor. 1. Choose your shoes wisely […]

How-To Stretch Your Shoes

So you’ve found the perfect pair of shoes. They look just stunningly handsome. They shine so bright with style that you unwittingly allow a few tears of joy to escape from your eyes. These shoes are so beautiful, they could spark a war. Heck, they could stop a war. They could cure cancer, feed the […]

SOS Tips to break in new shoes

A new pair of shoes can infuse life into your wardrobe, but I think we have all been there, done that when it comes to the pain and blisters they can bring. Almost every pair of shoes needs to be broken in before they can be worn comfortably. Here are a few ways to keep your […]

7 ways to extend the life of your high heels

Yael Stern talks about how-to-extend-the-life-of-your-shoes “You’ve decided to invest in a quality pair of shoes and you’ve finally found a pair that you love. Here are seven ways to extend the life of those shoes so that they will last for years to come!” 1. PROTECT THE SOLES BEFORE you wear your shoes for the first […]

Replacement Tips

Why we only carry Supertap Replacement Tips SUPERTAP dowel lifts are made of high quality polyurethane and are characterized by the most extreme high abrasion resistance performance that the industry offers. SUPERTAP manufactures its own steel pin of 3.10 mm (0.12 inches) especially designed to avoid rotation, breakage and accidental extraction when walking. Our standard […]

DIY | The snakiest Shoe DIY ever

Inspired a little by these Snake Ankle Strap Sandals and a little more by these Alligator T-strap Sandals both by Giuseppe Zanotti and both over $1500 for the pair, I though why not make my own DIY Snake Sandals and see how they compare? I originally was going to use the black sandals, but my gold sprayed snakes matched […]

6 Secrets To Dancing Like Beyoncé In High Heels

Here is a story about Beyoncé’s backdancers and high heel workshops, so you know how to walk and dance in heels – for hours. Nothing ruins a hot pair of Louboutins faster than an awkward waddle and a painful face. Linda Kuo, professional dancer and director for dance studio Dancers Unlimited, knows this fact all too […]

This is how Taylor Swift dances in sky high stilettos

To keep Madonna and her backup dancers on their feet in an assortment of Prada and Miu Miu heels, stylist Phillips  relies on heel pads, gel pads and insoles. Madonna Picture: FERDY DAMMAN/AFP/GETTYIMAGES Ever wonder how artists spend hours in death-defying shoes? Designers reveal the tricks that make it possible For pop divas, it’s one thing […]

Are your brand new stilettos ruined – again? Here is your solution.

Almost every fashionista has experienced the problem of coming home from a night out on the town or a luscious day of shopping just to find that her brand new stilettos have been ruined by cobbles, gravel, drain covers or escalators. A solution to this problem is the innovative product Heels’R Tube high heel protector. […]

How to (Correctly) Break in Heels!

What is the one problem that every female who wears heels has? (No, it’s not what the next pair she should buy is!) It’s how to make them wearable! It is the most tragic of tales… girl sees shoe, falls in love with shoe, wears shoe once, gets horrible blisters, and the shoe sits in the […]

Sssssilent heeltips – For a quiet walk

Apart from avoiding uncomfortable heels – I am always aware of my noisy step. That’s why I am always looking for even the smallest technology, we can use for our Heels’R Us collection. Since high heels with a built-in technology aren’t common (except for these), you can easily create your quiet step yourself with our silent […]

This is how to make the marine look with your heels

A pair and a spare has made another great DIY. Perfect for summer nautical times. The rope heel attachments are perfect on a pair of nude heels and also able to be worn around a pair of ankle boots – an all-climate project that transitions perfectly across the seasons. You will need: A pair of […]