Heels’R Firm | clear non-slip soles


*NEW* Non-slip soles that match your shoe soles

Keep your feet firmly on the ground with these nonskid pads from Heels’R Us. These pads are contoured to fit the soles of your pumps, flats or boots, just peel and stick. The textured surface adds traction, preventing slips and falls. This set includes four (2 pair) stick-on pads.

These things are a MUST when wearing dressy shoes on slippery floors. I put them on every pair of shoes I buy for work.

Stick our self-adhesive non-slip soles at the bottom of your heels. The soles are made form a durable mixed rubber material with sticky features that will keep your shoe on the ground. The non-slip soles work even on wet surfaces.

How to

  • Use a clean white cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol to clean off all debris from your soles & let dry.
  • Remove the paper backing and stick the soles to the area of the shoe that needs nonslip.
  • Replace with your other pair non-slip soles if you wear through it.

Made in Holland, Packaging contents: 2 strips +- 10cm

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